A close up of piranha fish scales

Do Piranhas Have Scales?

Talking about Piranha, most people think of a ferocious mindless killer. The media and movies have exaggerated behaviour for effect, but what about their anatomy, principly their exterior. So, do Piranhas have scales? In short, yes possess scales. Al species of Piranha are scaled fish. They provide armor protection, keep fungi and bacteria at bay […]

close up of a single red bellied adult piranha

What Are The True Piranha?

There are up to 60 species of Piranha on the planet with some of them being called ‘true Piranha’. It’s a phrase that is used all the time, but what does it actually mean. So, what are the true Piranha? In short, and species of Piranha from the genera of Pristobrycon, Pygocentrus and Serrasalmus. This […]

the amazon river path

Do Piranhas Live In The Amazon?

Piranhas are a well known fish. Movies have been made about them and stories get exaggerated in the media. They love clean, white freshwater environments. So, do Piranha live in the Amazon river? In short, yes, Piranha do live in the Amazon river. All Piranha species are native to Latin America, and of the 60 […]

a caiman with a piranha

Will Alligators Eat Piranhas?

When talking about two natural predators, the question of ‘who can eat who’ often comes up. The Alligator is a large reptile and the Piranha a small ferocious fish. So, will Alligators eat Piranhas? In short, yes they will but the Alligators in the Amazon basin are not true Alligators, but the black caimans. True […]

a flooded amazon rainforest

Do Piranha Migrate?

The Piranha are ferocious and deadly species if you believe the media and Hollywood, that are currently indeginous to Latin America. They’ve been there for millions of years so can they spread their wings? So, do Piranhas migrate? In short, no, all Species of Piranha are considered non migratory. Piranha will not travel and are […]

piranha caught in lake

Are There Piranha In The United States?

Piranha are known throughout the world. With movies and extensive media coverage, the species has worldwide recognition. But where are they located? So, are there Piranhas in the United States? In short, no, Piranhas are not indigenous to the United States. As a natural animal in the wild there are only to be found in […]

aerial view of amazon lake

Are There Piranhas In Lakes?

In Latin America there are many waterways, with the Amazon rainforest itself covering an amazing 5.5 million square kilometers, with rivers, lakes, wetlands, creeks and reservoirs.  So, are there Piranhas in lakes? In short, yes Piranha are present in lakes. Piranha are limited to the lakes in the Amazon basin in Latin America but inhabit […]

a man holding a large black piranha

How Much Does A Piranha Weigh?

With the Piranha being designated a medium sized fish, and the Red-Bellied Piranha swimming around in schools of around 20 fish, that is quite a mass of fish. So, how much does a Piranha weigh? In short, the Piranha genus contains as many as 60 species, varying in size and weight. The most common Piranha […]

a single red bellied piranha

Which Piranha Is The Most Aggressive?

With 30 to 60 species of Piranha living in the Amazon basin, a lot of the time they spend their time scavenging and foraging. Although they have a taste for meat, are all Piranha dangerous? So, which Piranha is the most aggressive? In short, the Red-Bellied Piranha is considered the most dangerous and aggressive of […]