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Piranha Facts for Kids [Child Friendly Information]

Piranha fish are fascinating creatures and there are many myths about them, In reality, a lot of the information has arisen from Hollywood films and been exaggerated, or underwritten by misinformed claims. This has done a great disservice to the Piranha fish. While not being a cuddly looking animal, it is certainly not the frenzied […]

Piranha School

The Piranha Life Cycle

Wild Piranha fish inhabiting inhospitable environments are both prey and predator during their lives. Living in the harsh Amazon basin, their lives are a struggle to stay one step ahead of nature. Briefly, the Piranha fish goes through the same stages as any fish during its life cycle. The eggs are fertilized by watchful parents, […]

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Where Do Piranhas Live?

Whenever you investigate the Piranha, a natural question is whereabouts would you find these fish. They are world renowned as a predator fish, but where are they naturally found? In short, they are not found equally distributed around the world. Unless in tank aquariums or zoos, they are exclusively indigenous to the Northern part of […]

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Do Piranhas Eat Humans?

With the reputation  and the appearance of an aggressive fish, many people suppose that Piranha just attack people in a frenzy the moment they are in the water. But is that true? In short, their reputation largely comes from Hollywood and exaggerated horror stories. Most Piranha fish are not carnivorous in nature, and eat plants […]