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Are Piranhas Legal in Canada

If you ever want to own Piranha, finding out whether the law allows Piranha ownership is paramount. Piranha introduced into a hospitable ecosystem could wreak havoc. So, are Piranhas legal in Canada? In short, yes Piranha are legal to own for Canadian citizens. No jurisdiction or province specifically bans or prohibits ownership of Piranha so […]

piranha in a home aquarium

Can Piranhas Live In A 10 Gallon Tank

When you buy Piranha, they are often around an inch long. As such, placing a few in a 10 gallon tank seems like a good idea, but is it? So, can Piranhas live in a 10 gallon tank? In short, no. This tank size is far too small to contain a Piranha. The typical dimensions […]

piranha in a zoo aquarium

Are Piranhas Legal In New York

If you want to own Piranha and you live in the United States, each State has its own laws on whether you are legally allowed to own any genus of the Piranha family. So, are Piranhas legal in New York? In short, no Piranha are not legal to own in New York. Although people have […]

piranha caught in texas

Are Piranhas Legal In Texas

For those wanting to own Piranha, along with the accumulated knowledge of fish keeping, comes with having to deal with the legality of ownership. So, are Piranhas legal in Texas? In short no Piranha are not legal to own for Texas citizens. Piranha have been caught in the wild in Texas from illegally owned sources. […]

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Do Piranha Live In Australia (And Are They Legal ?)

Piranhas are considered dangerous animals. Australia, certainly the outback is considered one of the most inhospitable places on earth, so you might expect a fish like the Piranha to live there. So, do Piranhas live in Australia? In short, no Piranhas are not native to Australia, and they have not been introduced to the ecosystem. […]

a shoal of red bellied piranha

Do Piranhas Swim In Schools

Fish as a species can either swim alone, or they can swim together collectively as a group. The tendency towards groupings can have many benefits for fish swimming as a pack. So, so Piranhas swim in schools? In short, yes, some species of Piranha exhibit schooling behavior. There are usually around and upwards of 20 […]

2 piranha rubbing against each other nesting behavior

Do Piranhas Lay Eggs

Piranhas are an unusual species for many reasons, not least of which is their timid and shy nature, despite prevalent myths but they also are considered active parents during reproduction. So, do Piranhas lay eggs? In short, yes do and will lay eggs. A spawning red-Bellied Piranha will lay thousands of eggs at a time […]

palometas front view

Palometas: What Are They And Are They Piranhas?

Sometimes instead of the word Piranha, you may hear the word Palometas. It could be confusing as that is a fish that swims in the Atlantic. So, what are palometas? In short, yes Palomatas are Piranhas. Although they are also described as the species Trachinotus goodei, a spiny fish that swims in the western Atlantic […]

piranha hiding in foliage

Why Do Piranhas Hide? – Troubleshooting Guide

In the wild, Piranha, whether a solo black Piranha or a schooling pygocentrus, have 360 degrees freedom of movement. They can choose to move or remain hiding and feel secure. So, why do Piranha hide? In short, Piranha are a naturally shy and retiring fish. While they will swim, they are not domesticated animals and […]

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Can Piranhas See In The Dark

Eyesight is important for any predator, both for depth perception and to locate prey. For Piranha which are diurnal, but can live in murky water eyesight is more important than ever. So, can Piranhas see in the dark? In short, yes Piranha can see in the dark. Piranha see dark water as red, that gives […]