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red bellied piranha staring to the front
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Do You Have To Give Piranhas Live Food?

One of the attractions of owning Piranhas is that they are a fascinating fish. As an omnivore they eat vegetables and meats. They will attack small live mammals in the wild for food. So, do you have to give Piranhas live food? In short, no, you do not have to give your Piranha live animals. […]

juvenile red bellied Piranha
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How Fast Will My Piranha Grow?

When Piranha hatch or they are bought from a pet store they will normally be under an inch long. In a 60 gallon tank this can look spacious… but wait, they will grow. So, how fast will Piranha grow? In short, once they hatch, and assuming good conditions a Red-Bellied Piranha will have a growth […]

a pacu nearing water surface
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Do Piranhas Jump Out Of The Water?

This question is mainly asked by people largely concerned with being injured while feeding their Piranha. The thought of being severely bitten is something to avoid. So, do Piranhas jump out of the water? In short, yes they can but they don’t as a preference. They are not known for leaping clear of the water. […]