Shoal of piranha swimming

The Social Behavior of Piranhas

With their reputation as a bloodthirsty and aggressive fish it’s easy to think of Piranhas as pack hunting predators constantly scouring the water for a meal. The truth, it turns out, is a little different. In short the Piranha is far from a bloodthirsty monster portrayed in the films. They are scavengers, and swim in […]

FAQ title about piranha

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Piranha

With a strange blend of Hollywood fantasy and reality keeping many myths about Piranha circulating, it’s time to set the record straight. The Piranha has a rather aggressive and dangerous myth to it, in actual fact is is very wary of humans in the water. Nonetheless, many people have questions, and hopefully, we can set […]

3 Piranha in an aquarium

How Long Can a Piranha Go Without Eating?

In contrast to most people’s interest in Piranha relating to the feeding frenzies, it is interesting to note how long they can go without eating. There are periods in the wild when there is food scarcity which makes this is a relevant question. In short, anecdotal evidence suggests they can survive without food for around […]

Piranha bite test

The Piranha Bite

Given its reputation and rows of razor sharp teeth to be used in attacking prey it’s natural to wonder about the bite of a Piranha. How worried should you be dipping a finger into the water? In short, as a scavenger and omnivore, the Piranha is equipped with a row of finely serrated razor sharp […]

Red-bellied piranha in a tank

27 Fascinating Facts About Piranha

With many myths surrounding the Piranha fish, you may be wondering what the real truth about them is. It is an enigma of a fish, with many falsehoods circulating as myths around the internet. In short, they are mostly omnivorous fish that exist in the Amazon basin primarily, with a preferred diet of fish, insects, […]