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roosevelt expedition amazon for Piranha

The Story of Theodore Roosevelt and the Piranha

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States of America from 1901 -1909. As as well as being involved in politics he was also a naturalist and conversationalist. So how much evidence is there that Teddy Roosevelt started the Piranha mythology? In short, the Piranha got its reputation for ferocity and danger from […]

small red bellied piranha in hands

Are Piranhas Dangerous?

With razor sharp teeth and Hollywood scriptwriters doing the rest the Piranha has a reputation of vicious and bloodthirsty killer.  Apparently it devours anything that touches the water and leaves nothing but the bones. But is this true? Are they as dangerous as they are portrayed or have they been besmirched? In short, while not […]

A fisherman holding large black piranha

The Size and Anatomy of Piranha

With somewhere around 30 to 60 species reckoned to fit under the name ‘Piranha’ it’s fair to conclude their might be some variability in size. Whether in captivity or swimming in the Amazon also makes a difference, but what sizes do Piranha range from? In short, despite the fact that there are some small species […]

close up of piranha teeth

The Teeth of the Piranha

Ask most people to describe a Piranha and almost without exception you hear the words ‘ferocious’, ‘bloodthirsty; and ‘teeth’. Almost everyone seems to know that the Piranha possess a set of very sharp teeth, the images of which no doubt help with their reputation. The truth is a little more interesting. In short, the teeth […]

Shoal of piranha swimming

The Social Behavior of Piranhas

With their reputation as a bloodthirsty and aggressive fish it’s easy to think of Piranhas as pack hunting predators constantly scouring the water for a meal. The truth, it turns out, is a little different. In short the Piranha is far from a bloodthirsty monster portrayed in the films. They are scavengers, and swim in […]