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juvenile red bellied Piranha
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How Fast Will My Piranha Grow?

When Piranha hatch or they are bought from a pet store they will normally be under an inch long. In a 60 gallon tank this can look spacious… but wait, they will grow. So, how fast will Piranha grow? In short, once they hatch, and assuming good conditions a Red-Bellied Piranha will have a growth […]

red bellied piranha

Are Piranhas Carnivores?

With a fish that possesses a set of interlocking razor sharp teeth and a reputation for frenzied attacks, it seems an appropriate question to ask. So, are Piranhas carnivores? In short, no, Piranha are omnivores not carnivores. The most common Piranha, the Red-Bellied variety, will scavenge and forage for food during the seasons in the […]

a pacu nearing water surface
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Do Piranhas Jump Out Of The Water?

This question is mainly asked by people largely concerned with being injured while feeding their Piranha. The thought of being severely bitten is something to avoid. So, do Piranhas jump out of the water? In short, yes they can but they don’t as a preference. They are not known for leaping clear of the water. […]

single piranha side on

Are Piranhas Scavengers?

Piranha have a reputation as a bloodthirsty killer. Just waiting for an unsuspecting moment when an unwilling victim enters the water. But is this true? So, are Piranhas scavengers? In short, yes, Piranhas are scavengers. With the 60 species of Piranha, most are omnivores and scavengers. Their diet is varied but includes worms, fruits, insects, […]

a single piranha on an aquarium bottom

Are Piranhas Territorial?

While trying to understand Piranha, a question that comes up is that of whether they are nomadic in nature or they are concerned about their space. So, are Piranhas territorial? In short, yes, Piranha are territorial. They travel in schools as a defense mechanism, but overcrowding, especially in an aquarium, will transfer to territorial fights. […]

4 Red-Bellied Piranha close up

Are Piranhas Aggressive?

Part of the attraction of a Piranha is it’s supposed ferocity and aggression. But have they been misaligned? Or are they quick to anger in certain scenarios only? So, are Piranha aggressive? In short, no, not really. While not harmless, they are not bloodthirsty mindless killers either. They are actually considered a shy and timid […]

A Piranha dish recipe

Are Piranhas Edible?

With the well known Fugu fish in Japan being exceptionally poisonous to eat, it seems an appropriate question to ask. Being an exotic tropical fish, many people ask if they can eat Piranha without consequences. So, are Piranhas edible? In short, yes, Piranhas are edible. They are eaten by the indeginous people of the Amazon […]

a single piranha face forward

Are Piranhas Venomous?

When dealing with a fish known for its aggressive tendencies, coupled with its interesting history, it’s wise to ask if the Piranha has any other tricks up its sleeve. So, are Piranhas venomous? In short, no, Piranha are not venomous. They posses no ability to produce or deliver poison into the bloodstream of another animal. […]

single cold blooded piranha

Are Piranhas Warm or Cold Blooded?

If you are thinking of keeping Piranha in an aquarium, or are just curious about their natural world, then knowing how the Piranha keeps warm is a vital part of keeping them healthy. So, are Piranhas warm or cold blooded? Piranhas are cold blooded. That is, they derive their own body temperature from their surroundings. […]