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close up front view of small red bellied Piranha

How Do Piranhas Sense Their Prey?

Piranhas come across a great deal of food as they scavenge and forage, as well as being alert to both predators and prey. They are timid fish that rely on their senses to keep them alive. So, how do Piranhas sense their prey? In short, Piranhas use many of the same senses most animals do. […]

red bellied piranha side on

Can Piranhas Eat Pellets

Piranhas in the wild come across many types of food, both animal and vegetable. Being omnivores, they will eat anything from fruits to worms. But pellets are a man made invention. So, can Piranhas eat pellets? In short, yes Piranhas can eat pellets, but they should be part of a varied diet. Frozen white fish, […]

2 red bellied piranha in an aquarium with prawn

Can Piranha Eat Prawns

The Piranha has varied diet in the wild, and any aquarium owner for Piranha should be trying to replicate the natural diet to oversee healthy fish. In the wild, Piranha eat many freshwater fish, as well as other crustaceans. So, can can Piranha eat prawns? In short, yes Piranha can be fed prawns. The terms […]

red bellied piranhas eating chicken

Can Piranha Eat Chicken?

With the Piranha being a notorious meat eating fish, many wonder what type of meat they can be fed. While normally eating fish, they do eat small mammals and birds in the wild. So, can Piranha eat chicken? In short, yes you can feed Piranha chicken but it should not be a regular part of […]

aerial of parana river

Are There Piranhas In The Parana River?

With the vast array of river, tributaries and drainage systems in the Amazon basin, the Parana river is the second longest river in Latin America. So, are there Piranhas in the Parana River? In short, yes there are Piranha in the Parana river. The river is the second largest in Latin America and has good […]